Project Description

The New York City Health Department is your partner in creating an environment where children can thrive. This guide helps you follow the law and assure families that you are protecting and promoting their children’s safety, health and early education.

What Is a Group Child Care Program?

A group child care program is center-based child care that:

  • Is not located in a home
  • Serves children from birth to 6 years old
  • Has space for three or more children
  • Provides child care for five or more hours per week, for more than 30 days in a 12-month period

Group child care programs are regulated by Article 47 and other sections of the New York City Health Code (the Code). The Code describes everything the Health Department requires—from staffing to fire alarms to immunizations to diaper changing—to ensure that your facility and the children in it are safe and healthy.

The Code’s requirements align with other City codes and requirements from the Department of Buildings, Fire Department (FDNY), Department of Education and Administration for Children’s Services. This guide also outlines how the City determines if you are meeting the standards (or not), how you can get back on track in a timely way (and what can happen if you don’t) and what your rights are in the process.

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