Dear Friends,

In December we enjoyed holiday celebrations. We learned about the Jewish Holiday of Chanukah as we tasted Latkes(Potato Pancakes). We built and decoratedindividual gingerbread houses for Christmas and we also enjoyed a visit from Santa Claus. We welcomed in the New Year with our very own New Year’s Countdown.

In January,we will explore transportation(D1: 1a,3a).Includingidentifying vehicle names, matching letters.(D5:5b,6c).

Our Math classeswill include comparing size, length, width, and thickness. (D5: Geometry:1:2).

We will enjoy many fiction and non-fiction books about Transportation:

School Bus By Donald Crews                      Whose Vehicle Is This? By Sharon Katz Cooper

Things That Go!-National GeographicDon’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! By Mo Willems

TruckBy Donald Crews

Our curriculum is aligned to NYS Common Core Domains, which includes:

  1. Approaches to Learning, 2 PhysicalDevelopment 3. Social and Emotional Development
  2. Communication, Language and Literacy 5.Cognition and Knowledge of the World.

Here is a sample of our activities for this unit:

Children will compare the sizes ofvehicles: biggest, smallest, heaviest,lightest (D5: Math:1a).

Traffic Sounds: Children listen to and identify the recorded sounds of different vehicles(D4: RTL:1)

Traffic Light Bean Bag Toss: (D5: Technology: 3a)

Music for the Road (D5:The Arts:7g)

Parent Activities:

Draw a picture together including all types of transportation your family has used, label the vehicles, have your child bring to school to share with his/her class.

Sing Transportation theme songs –The Wheels on The Bus, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, etc. . .

Practice streetcrossing safety- Traffic light colors; red-stop, yellow- wait, green –go.

Happy New Year!

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