Dear Pre-K for All Friends and Family,

Welcome to our new school year, our first unit of study for September will be Welcome to Pre-K –All about Me. This unit helps children learn about themselves. They will explore their likenesses and differences. They will share the unique things each of us can do. They will learn about making good choices and how to express their feelings in a positive manner.

They will explore these questions:  What will I learn and do in pre-k? What do I bring to my classroom community? Who are the people in my classroom community? Who else is in my pre-K program? By the end of the unit children will understand: My classroom and program are safe places where I learn, play and have fun. I am an important member of my classroom community; my thoughts, feelings, ideas and abilities matter.  My family, my teachers, and other children make up my classroom community. In my classroom I use materials carefully and make choices about where I work and play. Classroom rules and routines help me to learn and stay safe.

Our curriculum is aligned to NYS Common Core Domains, which includes:

  1. Approaches to Learning-explores how children learn and acquire knowledge
  2. Physical Development- children engage in daily physical activities
  3. Social and Emotional Development-how children understand, create and communicate meaning.
  4. Communication, Language and Literacy-children increase receptive and expressive language skills through                      oral and written communication.
  5. Cognition and Knowledge of the World-children learn across all subject areas- developing scientific thinking skills, reading readiness, mathematical readiness, music appreciation, the arts and multicultural awareness.


  Here are some key vocabulary words we will be using throughout this unit: friends, feelings, classmates, community, construction, emotions, excited, happy, helpful, library, materials, movement, peers, proud, rules, scared, schedule, science, silly, taking turns, teachers, welcome.


These are some of the books we will read during this unit:

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn                                                  Chu’s First Day of School by Neil Gaiman

On Monday when it Rained by Cherryl Kachenmeister              I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont

Sample Unit Activities with Standards:

Self Portraits: Children explore their facial features while using fine motor skills to draw self-portraits.

PK.SED.1: Recognizes himself/herself as a unique individual having his/her own abilities, characteristics, feelings and interests.

Build Me: Children use blocks to build themselves.

PK.AL.3: Approaches tasks, activities and problems with creativity, imagination and/or willingness to try new experiences or activities.

Play Dough: Children make play dough. PK.PDH.5: Demonstrates eye-hand coordination and dexterity needed to manipulate objects.

We look forward to working together to enrich your child’s learning experience this year. Attached please find some activities that you can share with your child at home.

Thank You

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