Dear Pre-K for All Friends and Family,

In September, we learned many things about ourselves. We shared ways that we are the same/different from our friends. We explored the unique things each of us can do. We learned about making good choices and how to express our feelings in a positive manner.

October comes right along bringing cool breezes, bright colors and fun food. We are excited to be exploring Apples and Pumpkins. Children will use their 5 senses to explore these unit questions: How do we use our sense of sight? How do we use our sense of hearing? How do we use our sense of taste? How do we use our sense of smell? How do we use our sense of touch? We will sort leaves by shape and color. We will taste apples and make applesauce. We will compare measure and weigh pumpkins. We will explore two dimensional shapes and patterns in our Autumn unit. We will practice early emergent literacy skills such as print awareness, alphabet recognition and sight words.

Our curriculum is aligned to NYS Common Core Domains, which includes:

  1. Approaches to Learning, 2 Physical Development 3. Social and Emotional Development
  2. Communication, Language and Literacy 5.Cognition and Knowledge of the World.

We will use our senses across all curriculum areas. Here is a sample of our activities in this unit:

We will explore the life cycle of an apple from seed to tree. (D5)

We will be making and tasting our own applesauce. (D4, D5)

We will compare and sort pumpkin/apple seeds. (D2)

We will graph the children’s favorite color of leaves. (D3)

We will learn measurement with pumpkins and gourds. (D1, D5)

  Here are some key vocabulary words we will be using throughout this unit:

Autumn, Braille, blind, deaf, ears, eyes, hear, leaves, listen, mouth, nose, predict quiet,

see, senses, smell, sounds, taste, touch.

We will enjoy many fiction and non/fiction books including:

The Five Senses by Aliki,

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? By Eric Carle,

Picking  Apples and Pumpkins by Amy and Richard Hutchings.

Press Here by Herve Tullet

October 31st will be the date for our Halloween Party. Please send your child in costume for the morning. They will also need their street clothes for after the party.

Parents: Please take a moment to stop by our Photo Spot and take a picture with your child in their costume. Please do not leave your car in the lot while having your photo taken.


Thank You!

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