Dear Friends,
In February, we also explored light and shadows. We shared where we find lights and how lights
help us. We sorted natural and manmade lights. We created shadow figures and saw how our
shadows change shape when we move.

In March, We will celebrate Dr. Seuss with green eggs and ham. We will welcome Spring. We will
conduct experiments with water- observe which objects sink or float, the shapes of water, and the states
of water.

We will enjoy many fiction and non-fiction books:
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss Planting A Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
What is a Rainbow? By Chris Arvetis Mouses First Spring by L Thompson
My Blue is Happy by Jessica Young

Our curriculum is aligned to NYS Common Core Domains, which includes:
1. Approaches to Learning, 2 Physical Development 3. Social and Emotional Development
4. Communication, Language and Literacy 5.Cognition and Knowledge of the World.
Here is a sample of our activities for this month:
Our Cooking activity for this month will be green eggs and ham
Our Artist of the Month is Pablo Picasso
We will observe the change of seasons this month as winter turns into spring.

Parents: On March 5 th we will cook and eat Green eggs and ham in honor of Dr. Seuss.
Share Dr. Seuss books with your children this month. Take a walk and look for signs of spring,
new green leaves on the trees, flowers budding. Let your children share their observations with
their class.